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Neighbourhood Plan

Ilkley Neighbourhood
Development Plan

Preferred Option Consultation 2017


Hard copies of the Draft Plan can now be viewed at the Town Hall, the Library, Visitor Information Centre, Clarke Foley Centre, Christchurch, Tivoli Cafe, Ben Rhydding Methodist Church and St John's Church Ben Rhydding.

Ilkley Parish Council (IPC) needs your help to finish the preparation of Ilkley’s new Neighbourhood Development Plan (INDP for short). This page explains what is happening and how you can get involved.

The INDP is a new type of plan which allows local people to help shape the future development of Ilkley. Our draft NDP has been produced by Ilkley Parish Council. The INDP has been pre-pared by a team of parish councillors and committed local residents lead by Cllr Brian Mann. We have also employed a specialist consultant. Within the next 12 months the plan will be put to a referendum of all Ilkley voters for a final decision.

The NDP aims to establish a set of Ilkley Neighbourhood Development Policies (INDPs) which will manage, promote and control the use of our land.

We want as many people as possible to get involved in preparing the INDP. This leaflet and the meetings we are arranging are part of that process.

This leaflet contains only a taster of what is in the full INDP. The full Plan gives greater

detail on the policies and the sites we are seeking to protect or put forward for development. It also has a Policies Map showing allocated and protected sites.

The full Plan and the associated map are available below. The INDP is a long and interesting document and we urge you to read it fully. You will see when you read the Plan that we explain each Policy in detail and that we ask a number of questions about the policies which we would encourage you to consider and answer. So, please get involved! Download the Response Form HERE.

There are five main strands to the draft plan covered by the following subjects. Here they are showing the policy headings in the draft Plan.

Full Draft Ilkley Neighbourhood Development Plan

Policies Map

Policies Map Key

Ilkley Planning Policy and Evidence Base Document

 1. General Policies applicable to all development


New Housing Development in Ilkley


Encouraging High Quality and Sustainable Development




Meeting the Needs of All

Have we identified the correct general policies for ilkley?


2. Policies allocating land allocated for development


Housing Site Allocations


Economy and Employment

            Take a look at the full INDP and tell us if you think we have allocated the correct sites?

            Are there sites we have missed that you think could be allocated?


           3. Policies Protecting the Assets of the Town


Community Facilities


Recreation Facilities


Allotments and Community Gardens


Local Green Spaces


Green Corridors


Landscape Character




Leisure and Tourism


Public Realm and Art


Are we protecting the key features that make ilkley a great place to live and work?


4. Policies for the Conservation Areas


General Principles


Ben Rhydding Conservation Area


Ilkley Conservation Area


Middleton Conservation Area

Should the INDP have policies to protect the conservation areas? If you agree take a look at the full plan and let us know what you think of our draft policies.


5. Policies for some of the Town’s Key Issues


Walking and Cycling


Ilkley Town Centre




Traffic and Car Parking

Tell us what you think about the draft policies for these key issues.

This is just a taster of what is in the INDP. The full plan is available HERE.


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