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ANNUAL REPORT 2005 – 2006

Cllr Michael Gibbons


Chairman’s Report

It has been my pleasure to be Chairman of Ilkley Parish Council for a third

term and to help continue work in areas of concern and interest to our

electorate.  It is of course a very special year in many ways for me and for this

Council!  It is now well known that new councils for Burley and Menston will

come into effect from 1st April of this year.   This also brings about a change

in IPC’s future in that, with the loss of Burley and Menston, we would be

reduced to 12 members, however, 2 additional members will be elected in

May for Ilkley West and Ben Rhydding.  This should bring IPC to a working

Council of 14 members.


Your Council by the end of the year will have met on twelve occasions and

attendance has, as usual, been extremely good throughout the year.  I believe

Council has conducted itself in a legal, constitutional and fair manner under

the guidance of it’s much respected and qualified Parish Clerk, Mrs Christine

Dale.  We are grateful for her consummate professionalism, particularly as we

work steadily towards achieving Quality Council status.


We now hold public participation sessions at the start of each Full Council

meeting and it is our intention to hold such sessions at all standing committee

meetings in the near future.   This should, we hope, enable all the electorate to

bring forward matters of concern and interest directly to their Council

Chamber, as well as being able to do so through our Clerk in the normal way.



IPC is a statutory consultee on planning issues and Planning has again played

a very important role in Council’s life with numerous regular meetings

covering to date 406 applications from across the Parish.   This is a huge

responsibility for those involved and the Planning Committee is very ably led

by Cllr Kate Brown.  The Committee have done a splendid job in covering the

workload and it cannot be stressed firmly enough that the onerous nature of

this work requires great input from all concerned.   Local knowledge of

course plays an important part and site visits are made for virtually all plans

received - mostly by the Committee’s Chairman but often others are involved

as well.



I believe your Council is in a strong financial position to help and take action

where required.  This has certainly been the case over the last year, although

the year has been unusual in that arrangements for separation have had to be



Much of the financial work in Council is scrutinised by our F&GP Committee

which this year has had a new Chairman, Cllr Alan Morrell.

Alan has used his considerable business background to help instigate some

procedural changes to try and ensure the committee’s greater effectiveness.

These changes are in their infancy so more in the future on this front, but it is

possible to say that financial controls and working practices are now very

efficient and transparent.   I would like to offer my thanks to Alan for his

input as I indeed thank all members of F&GP for their time and diligence.



Your councillors are involved in very many aspects of community life

representing Council on bodies such as Ilkley Churches Together, the

Bandstand Committee, Friends of the King’s Hall, the Tourism Partnership,

Ilkley’s Carnivals and Festivals, the Police Ward Tasking Group and the fight

to save our Coronation Hospital.   This is to mention but a few of the many.

We also help organise Christmas Carols on The Grove, and visits from pupils

of local schools to the Town Hall which helps the understanding of local

political involvement.  We are actively engaged in our relationship with

Bradford Council where our partnership does all it can to ensure the very best

for all our residents.   It is our intention to further our commitment to other

organisations and to promote extensive interaction with groups in our

immediate locality, fostering we believe a closer bond between Council and

the people we serve.


Looking at further interaction with the community, awards have been granted

throughout the year from a Budget of £10,000.  Some of this year’s projects

are on-going and may spill over into the year ahead.   A full list may be found

in the attached Financial Report.


It was our pleasure once again to welcome our friends from Coutances in

October of last year.  A very pleasant weekend was enjoyed by visitors and

hosts alike and, in fact, all those who took part in the visit.  Twinning appears

to be in a healthy state and we look forward to our visit to France later this



The Future

IPC, along with other Parish Councils within the Bradford District, has agreed

a general Charter with BMDC which reflects arrangements for working in

partnership to achieve best value.  Further work particular to Ilkley Parish

Council will be added to this Charter at a later date as and when agreed.


It is hoped that closer working with Bradford Council will be of benefit to the

town.  For example, by using some Precept money towards the cost of the

new Riverside Play Area and equipment, and later towards the cost of fencing

and gates, Ilkley now has a modern and safe playarea which is of benefit to

many children.  This was a very positive combination of resources and action.


One very immediate topic of discussion is the controversial subject of the new

traffic lights at the junction of Victoria Avenue with the A65.  In the wake of

discussion in Council and letters to the press etc, the Principal Highways

Engineer from BMDC is coming to address Council.  He has produced a

report for Councillors giving the background and his recommendations for the

way forward.  These will need closely looking at.


The Council’s recently appointed Leisure Facilities Working Group has made

an excellent start in investigating local available facilities and is talking to

groups and individuals within the area to assess the requirements for the

future.  This work will continue in the year ahead for the benefit of the whole

valley.  My thanks to Cllr James Richards and his team for their work so far.


The Parish Plan, which gathered together the views of the community for the

future of Ilkley, will be studied by the new Council and up-dated.   This is an

on-going piece of work and constantly under review.


In conclusion, may I point out that your Parish Council acts as an information

point for local services, and is here to represent the community and take up

local issues.   This it will continue to do for Ilkley and Ben Rhydding in the



This is the last Annual Parish Meeting for Ilkley Parish Council which

includes Burley and Menston and we wish the two new Councils every

success for the future.    May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all

members of Council both current and in the past who have given freely of

their time, input and experience.   It is often all too easily forgotten that this is

voluntary work and I believe this should be borne in mind.  I wish to offer

tonight many thanks to my Vice Chairman, Cllr Caroline Jones and,

particularly, thank one of our previous Chairmen and current Councillor, Mrs

Audrey Brand.  Audrey has quite simply done the most magnificent job for

her electorate and this Council over very many years.  Her input into the work

of the Planning Committee has been considerable and outstanding and I thank

her most sincerely on behalf of all.


May I wish the new Council in May all the best for the future.



Cllr M P Gibbons

Chairman 2005 – 2006


Financial Report 2005-2006

We started the year with a balance carried forward of £92,119.  This included

projects in progress and yet to be paid for of £13,460; earmarked funds for

White Wells and Election Provision of £9,000.

Our Budget for the year was £121,219 for which we precepted £109,219 and

used £12,000 from our reserves to make up the remainder.

This left £57,659 as “Reserves”.


As at now, 22 March 2006, £27,413 has been spent against a budget of

£30,069 for Administration costs and £18,532 against a budget of £21,150 for

Operating Costs.   It is anticipated that by the year end costs will remain

within Budget.


The last received bank statement for the 30-day Notice Account as at 10

February 2006 is £98,134.58.

The bank statement for the current account as at 22 February 2006 is

£27,494.98.  As at today it is £19,653 taking into account the cheques written

up to 6th March 2006.



The outstanding approved expenditure carried over from last year, 2004/05,

has now been completed at a cost of £20,578.  This finally includes benches

across the Parish!


From this year’s budget of £60,000 some £51,269 has been approved of

which £35,509 has been paid to date.   Approved expenditure of £10,500 for

Ilkley and £5,260 for Menston will be carried forward into next year 2006/07

and taken into account before the share out of reserves.




April Improvements to Riverside Path 3,500 Not yet


May Toilets at White Wells 7,000 Invoice to


May Lap Top, camera etc 2,300

May Wharfedale Festival donation 2,500

May Ilkley Summer Festival donation 5,000

July Menston in Bloom start-up donation 2,700

Sept Riverside Play area towards fence & gates 9,794

Sept Menston Methodist Church extension 2,500

Sept BCC Burley Christmas Lights 7,575

Oct Flags, holders for Town Hall by Front door 140

November Burley CC Christmas Lights 05 1,500

November Menston CA Christmas Lights 05 1,500

November Menston CA Skateboard Park contribution 5,260 Invoice to


Totals 51269



CD                                                                                                                                             Annual Report 2005/06

21.03.06 5




July Ben Rhydding Pre-School Playgroup 250

July Ilkley Flower Club 300

July 2nd Ilkley Guides 400

July Wharfedale Naturalists' Society 300

December Ilkley in Bloom 500

Ilkley Computer Club/Burley Cyber café 445

Ilkley Civic Society 500

WYMAS First Responder 430

Totals 3125



Awards of £3,125 have been paid out (as above table) from a budget of



As part of the agreement between IPC, Burley Community Council and

Menston Community Association on the 16th January, further expenditure was

frozen, other than for normal on-going expenses, until the date of the first

meeting following the Elections, when the share out of funds will take place.


It is anticipated that there could be around £90,000 to be divided between the

three Parish Councils according to the number of electors

























CD                                                                                                                                             Annual Report 2005/06

21.03.06 6

PARISH COUNCIL               2005-2006


Chairman of Council  Cllr Michael Gibbons

Vice Chairman  Cllr Caroline Jones


Chairman of Plans  Cllr Kate Brown


Chairman of F&GP     Cllr Alan Morrell



Brian Mann  602262

Pauline Dixon  431994

Lexa Robinson 608418



Andrew Walbank 608079

Kathy Best  607568

David Roberts  602426



Alan Morrell  432511

Kate Brown  604521

Mike Lynes  431481



Mike Gibbons  463092

Anne Hawkesworth 600701

Janice Heslop  830842



Caroline Jones  863857

John Sparshatt  864613

Sylvia Tilford  863218



Christine Hill  863644

James Richards 865754

Tony Thompson 864684



Audrey Brand  872310

Gerald Goldsbrough 817195

Malcolm Waddington 877409


Parish Clerk:  Christine Dale

Parish Office, Town Hall, Ilkley LS298HB

Telephone :    01943 436212

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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