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Annual Report April 2006 – March 2007

Cllr Brian Mann 


1.  General


This has been a very significant year for the Parish Council.  On April 1st 2006, the Council was split so

that Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale now have their own councils, leaving Ilkley Parish Council, at

that time, with 12 Councillors, to operate for the first time, for Ilkley and Ben Rhydding only.   The

Boundary Commission had decreed that because of boundary changes, the elections in early May would

increase the number of Ilkley councillors to 14, with 3 for North Ward, 3 for South Ward and 4 each for

West Ward and Ben Rhydding.  A full complement of councillors was returned for a 5-year period, 3 by

election and 11 unopposed.  The next Parish elections will be in 2011.   A full list of Councillors together

with their contact details is given in Appendix 1.


Initially, the Council operated with a committee structure the same as previously.  Planning led by Cllr

Kate Brown, Finance and General Purposes by Cllr Alan Morrell and Awards by Cllr Mike Gibbons.

Later in the year, F & GP was split to form Finance under Cllr Morrell and General Purposes under Cllr

Heathcliffe Bowen.  Awards became Awards and Projects, still under Cllr Gibbons.  (The Deputy

Chairman, Cllr David Roberts and the Chairman are ex officio members of all Council Committees).

These committees were well staffed by councillors who determined the Terms of Reference, submitted

them for approval by Full Council and operated effectively and regularly throughout the year.  Planning

met 21 times, dealing with some 280 applications, F & GP on 1 occasion, Finance 4, General Purposes 3

and Awards and Projects 4, Events Committee 1, Constitutional Working Party 2 and 1 training meeting.

Along with 12 full Council meetings plus the Annual Parish meeting, 1 Open Meeting, 1 Special Council

meeting this gave a total of 52 meetings throughout the year.  This is no mean effort for the Town

considering that all Councillors are unpaid volunteers.


Another significant change in the organisation of the Council is the move away from Working Groups to

the appointment of Project Managers.  Because of the smaller number of councillors available it was

thought more effective to appoint one Councillor as Project Manager as projects occur.  It will then be

that Manager’s responsibility to co-opt help as necessary and to report on progress to Council.


The Council now has a regular newsletter which appears 4 times per year, edited and published by the

Parish Clerk.  A private contractor distributes this to every household in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding.  Issue

no 11 is due out in April thus maintaining this vital communication link with our residents, an essential

feature for our Quality status.


I acknowledge the efforts of the leaders mentioned and thank them and all councillors for their

commitment to the Council and to the Town.  A special acknowledgement and thanks must go to our only

employee, the Parish Clerk who is also our Responsible Financial Officer.  Mrs Dale’s dedication,

enthusiasm and guidance has underpinned this successful year and led directly to the status we now enjoy.


In June, the Council was awarded Quality Status under the government’s Quality Council scheme.  At the

time of writing, there are less than 400 such approved councils throughout the country and it is to our

great credit that we are now recognised as an organisation “fit for purpose”.


The Parish accounts for 2005/2006 were submitted to the national auditors in June, after scrutiny by our

internal auditor Mr Keith Pickles.  The accounts were approved and made available for public scrutiny in

September.  Once again, thanks to Keith and recognition that our investment in the computerised accounts

system is of great benefit, not only in our swift turn round of annual accounts but of regular and accurate

reporting throughout the year via the Finance Committee.




2.  Events


During the year I have attended many social events, representing the Parish Council and the Town.  In

June, I opened the first Ben Rhydding Fete which was a great success and help on a glorious day.  I wish

the organisers well and hope that the event will become a fixture in our annual programme.  I attended the

Yorkshire Society’s Yorkshire Day celebrations in Penistone and enjoyed the Last Night of the Proms

party so well organised by Cllr Mike Gibbons on behalf of the Parish Council as a fitting finale to the

Ilkley Summer Festival.  In September I led the biennial civic visit to Coutances when we were well

received by our French hosts with the usual mix of civic events and social outings.  In November we had

the Remembrance service in the Memorial Gardens which was well attended and well supported by a

parade of our young people in various organisations.


Our own Georgie Henley switched on the Christmas Lights  this year in front of a very large crowd on the

Grove.  We were entertained by the Guiseley Brass Band, a mixed church choir and Mother Christmas.

Sadly, this was Shirley Britton’s last appearance at the event but we look forward to the appearance of a

Miss Christmas for our next switch on.  Our Christmas events were completed with the annual schools

carol concert held at the Bandstand in association with Churches Together.  Several other events followed

including a lady’s 103rd birthday party, the annual Upstagers pantomime and several shows in Ilkley and

in Bradford.


3. Council Representatives


The Council is represented on the committees of some 23 organisations thus reflecting our involvement

throughout the region.  A full list is shown in Appendix 1


4.  Finance 2006/2007


The budget for this financial year was set by the previous council and established a precept for Band D

properties of £15.01 per annum.  This gave a precept income of £99075 and together with an allocation

from reserves of £10000 the Council had a total budget of £109075.  A summary of the actual expenditure

together with a statement of reserves is as follows:


Administration      28807

Operating Costs      12426

Christmas Lights     15143

Community Events        6200

Awards & Projects      42710

TOTAL 105286


The actual cash flow situation was as follows:

Opening Bank balance    17796

Precept Income     99075

Split to Burley     (24921)

Split to Menston    (16895)

Actual Spend 06/07  (105286)

VAT        (4500)

Grant from CBDMC       5500

Bank Interest        3257

Closing Bank Balance     74026


The allocation of these funds is as follows:

Outstanding Projects    10500

Election Provision      8000

Budget Provision 07/08   10000

Reserves 31.03.07    47526

TOTAL   74026


5.  Awards & Projects 2006/2007


Many groups and organisations benefited from the awards scheme throughout the year, a full list of those

is listed below:



Swimming Pool equipment for disabled         5000 Joint project with CBDMC

Wharfedale District Scout Council                 4500 Update for Curly Hill site

BR De Mohicanen Scouts & Guides                500 Replacement tent

Clarke Foley Centre                                        1000 Chairs for main hall

Wharfe Valley Community Project                  180 Office equipment

Friends of Kings Hall                                     3500 New chairs and tables for Winter Gardens

Ilkley Players                                                  1000 CCTV system

Darwin Gardens                                              4000 Safety barriers and improvement to paths

Abbeyfield                                                      5000 Right of way access

Bandstand                                                       1500 Improved safety around site

Ilkley Cricket Club                                           500 Metal frame for practice

All Saints PCC                                               1000 Auto winding mechanism for clock

St Johns PCC                                                  1200 Improvements to clock

BR Cricket Club                                             4650 Artificial playing surface

ICVS                                                                 500 Showcase event

Police Bicycle                                                   170 Increased mobility

TOTAL                                                        34230


Projects run by the Parish Council

Digital Camera                 111       For use by Planning Committee

Ilkley Moor Survey                                         3480        Required for Moor regeneration project

Benches                                                           3300       6 benches for Ilkley & Ben Rhydding

Easter Cross                                                   330          Replacement cross for Brook Street

Painting Milestones                                           400       3 milestones refurbished

Stone Bench                                         820      To mark start of Dalesway

TOTAL                       8480


6.  Ilkley Moor


The management of the moor has been of some concern for some time and early in this session there was

debate about forming a trust to attract funds and oversee the day-to-day management of the moor.

There was a well-attended public meeting, organised and chaired by the Parish Council and held at the

Clarke Foley Centre which was intended to air the various options for the future of the moor.  A

subsequent Special meeting of the Council was held to debate a resolution to send to the Executive of

Bradford Council outlining Ilkley’s preferred option for the future management of the moor.

Unfortunately, the disastrous fire occurred just prior to these meeting so events somewhat overtook the

original objectives.  However, the points were discussed and the communiqué sent to Bradford Council is

attached in Appendix 2.


7.  Relationships with CBDMC


During the year we have enjoyed close working relationships with officers and members of Bradford

Council.  The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress have attended many functions, both social and charitable,

in the Town and Parish Councillors are due to attend a reception in City Hall in April.  The Parish clerk

continues to be a useful conduit for channelling problems from residents to the appropriate department at

Bradford and the Parish Council has jointly funded several projects with them.


The Parish Council Liaison committee has met only twice this year but is now regularly functioning

under the chairmanship of District Councillor Andrew Mallinson and this is continuing to prove a very

useful forum not only for links with Bradford Council but also with the other Bradford Parish Councils.

It is expected that the long awaited Parish Charter will be signed soon and will contain a new planning

protocol together with schemes to ensure closer workings between District and Parish councils.


8.  Future


From 1 April 2007 the Council will take over the running of the Ilkley allotments.  The Project Manager

for this will be Cllr Andrew Wallbank and it should be noted that this is the first service to be devolved

from Bradford Council to Ilkley.


The budget for the next council year was set by the Finance Committee and approved by full Council in

January last andgives a Band D precept of £15.31 which is an increase of approximately 2% or

30p/annum.  This gives a precept income of £101850 which, together with £10000 from reserves gives a

total budget 0f £111850.  The summary of the budget is as follows:


Administration    33900

Operating Costs      16950

Christmas Lights       8000

Community Events      6000

Allotments       2000

Awards & Projects      45000

TOTAL 111850


I thank my Council colleagues for help and support through this busy and successful year and I wish the

Chairman Elect, Councillor Bowen, best wishes for the year ahead as we all look forward to further

developments for Ilkley Parish Council.


Cllr Brian Mann


21 March 2007

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