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Ilkley Parish Council took over the management of the Ilkley allotments from Bradford Metropolitan District Council on 1st April 2007.


Allotment gardening provides a wide range of benefits to communities and the environment.


Apart from providing low cost food, they also provide valuable recreational opportunities involving healthy activity and social contacts. Allotments are significant to our green spaces and provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.


The first legislative reforms date back to the Enclosures Act of 1845. Today, the Council has a statutory requirement to provide allotments for the public.


Taking on an allotment plot is not all hard work; it can have many advantages, providing fresh home grown vegetables, fruit and flowers for you and your family, free from artificial additives and at a fraction of that you would have expected to pay in a supermarket or greengrocer.


There is also the social side, meeting new friends with similar interests and enabling you to enjoy a healthy outdoor life with gentle exercise and a place to relax and unwind.


Anyone over the age of 18 can get an allotment in their own name; people under this age will need to get the tenancy agreement forms signed by a parent or guardian.


Any enquiries should be made to the Allotments Officer, Margaret Maw, Ilkley Parish Council, Ilkley Town Hall or please telephone 01943 436212, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We have approximately 130 allotment plots with a waiting list of around 200 people. Unfortunately, the approximate waiting time is five to six years. We are doing all we can to reduce the waiting list as quickly as possible including splitting plots in half when they become available.


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