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Ilkley Town Council is based in the Council Office on the first floor in Ilkley Town Hall.

A full council meeting is held in the Council Chamber on the first Monday of each month (7:30pm start).

Ilkley Town Council consists of four wards with a total of 14 councillors:

  Ilkley West 4 councillors
  Ilkley North 3 councillors
  Ben Rhydding 4 councillors
  Ilkley South 3 councillors

Elections to the town council are held every four years, usually in conjunction with Bradford Metropolitan District Council elections. The most recent election was held in May 2015. 

The total number of electors is in excess of 11,500.

All work carried out by councillors is voluntary. The chairman may claim expenses during the year of office. Expenses are paid to councillors attending meetings/conferences etc outside the parish boundary.

Councillors represent the parish on many outside bodies throughout the district and the county. The town council supports many volunteers working to help young people, older residents and disabled parishioners in many different ways.

The town council has a clerk and deputy clerk, whose office is on the first floor of Ilkley Town Hall. Office opening hours are 10am - 1pm Monday to Thursday. The clerk is also the Council's Responsible Financial Officer. 

The cost of running the town council is met by raising a precept. This precept also budgets for the funding of local projects and awards to organisations covering a broad spectrum from pre-school to senior citizens across the parish.

There are six standing committees of the town council;

1) Plans Committee

2) Management and Staffing Committee

3) Awards and Projects Committee

4) Community Fund Committee

5) Public Toilets Committee

6) Tourism Committee

The Plans Committee meets every three weeks to examine all planning applications and related issues and then makes recommendations to Bradford Metropolitan District Council which is the planning authority for Ilkley. Recommendations must have regard to planning law and the meetings afford an opportunity to add local knowledge to an application. The Committee can also provide input into planning processes. Affected neighbours are notified of planning applications and time allowed for any comments to be made to both the Planning Office and the chairman of the Plans Committee. The town council has an important role regarding major applications that affect many people or, perhaps a significant site in the district.

The (14) members of Ilkley Town Council believe the community is better for their efforts - we hope the community thinks so too!

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